Team Building

Flip that work rut around with our surefire team building exercise developed to bolster work associations and boost morale in and around the office. Additionally, our program is designed to motivate employees to set more desirable goals for themselves and to develop long lasting interpersonal relationships among their co-workers. Our program gains from the mistakes of other contemporary, ineffective team building activities. Our unique exploit of proficiently flying a hot air balloon transposes into work productivity by having each member actively participating in team oriented tasks.


In order to build connections, members need to work closely which is why we split them into smaller teams of a couple to four people right after our personal preflight meeting. Our extensively trained pilots will advise the team mutually on weather conditions, location and the way to operate the balloon. Teams may then be directed to use a map to estimate a touchdown spot based on the criteria given to them before.

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Each specific group is accompanied by a pilot to assist with the general command of the hot air balloon. The pilot will help each group with the inflation of the balloon as well as all other essential inspections to guarantee the absolute functionality of the flight. Inflation of the balloon typically takes no more than fifteen minutes. Once inflated and all necessary preflight inspections have been successfully completed, the pilot will have your team board the basket to prepare for take off!


Each team will leave with vast knowledge on the flight of the balloon and exactly what enters into the operation of it. Based on their navigating capabilities with the map and the relevant information provided throughout preflight, the team should also be able to tell the pilot how high to fly and where to go in order to reach their destination for touchdown.


Shortly after utilizing the captain's guidance, assuming an effective completion of the flight operation, the team will touch down on their predetermined landing zone to conclude their one hour team building flight. Concluding their inevitable triumphant landing, each group, with the aid of the pilot and his ground crew will anchor and pack up the balloon. All of the ballooning team's, pilots and ground crew will take part in the customary Champagne salutes. This would be the time for small talk among team members in order to help strengthen their connection through remembering the flight.

Team Building

A beneficial method to build connection and faith can be identified as a Team Building activity. We believe the technique of planning for and partaking in a hot air balloon journey that culminates in a triumphant touchdown is an outstanding opportunity for personnel to put into practice all the principles meant to be reinforced in the course of team building. The experience of gliding thousands of feet above a stunning landscape is destined to be a bonding experience, regardless of Team Building activities.

Our Team Building packages can be completely individualized to suit your team, get in touch with us at 1-888-994-9275 to strengthen your business right away!

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